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Science Matters: Curiosity Drives Discovery

A Virtual Event: April 22

COVID-19 has propelled scientists into the limelight as the world awaits the availability of new tests, drugs, and vaccines to help fight the pandemic.

Who are these men and women of science? What drives them to pursue their work? How do today’s scientific discoveries shape tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

Join us for a conversation with PNRI scientist David Galas, PhD. Some of his notable achievements include overseeing the Human Genome Project, discovering a technology that was recently used by Abbott Laboratories to develop a rapid test for COVID-19, and developing a groundbreaking mathematical approach to unraveling the complexities of biology.

Dr. Galas will share stories about his life and career as a scientist, and his thoughts on the role of science and technology in today’s world.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020, 4pm

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