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2019 Annual Report to the Community

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From the President & CEO

Amplifying our impact through collaboration.

John Wecker, PhD, President & CEO
John Wecker, PhD, President & CEO

Human genetics is complex. Fortunately, the explosion of new technology allows scientists to dive even deeper into important questions about the role genetics and the environment play in health and disease.

With new technology comes the need for diverse skills and advanced expertise. This, in turn, leads to more and more team approaches to science, where scientists each bring their unique views and experiences together.

At PNRI, our world-class scientists are valued for their unconventional way of looking at genetics – for asking different questions and looking in unexpected places. This makes us valued partners and collaborators.

In fact, PNRI scientists are collaborators on projects that span the globe. Together with scientists in Germany, Sweden and Finland, the Hagopian lab is a member of the TEDDY Study consortium. The Galas lab’s computational scientists have collaborations with researchers in Singapore and Germany. And the Dudley lab’s research into metabolic diseases afflicting newborn children is possible because of a strong partnership with physicians in Saudi Arabia.

We can, however, look much closer to home to find some of our most important partners – our donors. Your belief in our work makes you a valued member of our research community. I would like to express my deepest thanks to each and every one of you.

Together, we are finding new solutions in the fight against disease.

Best wishes,
John Wecker, PhD, President & CEO

View our annual report online.


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