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2018 Annual Report to the Community

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From the President & CEO

A revolution is happening.

John Wecker, PhD, President & CEO
John Wecker, PhD, President & CEO

The revolution is in genetics. Unlocking the secrets in genetics allows us to better answer the question of what causes disease.

At PNRI, we take that question to the next level. How does our genetics keep us healthy in the face of the risks that we face every day?

By asking different questions, we are finding new solutions — nature’s solutions to preventing disease.

This is a bold vision. And, we are taking bold action to pursue it. We are adding new scientists to our team — visionary researchers who are excited to ask the questions that others are not and driven to develop creative ways to unravel nature’s complexity.

PNRI was founded over 60 years ago on a belief that experienced and creative scientists seeking answers to some of the most difficult medical questions is the key to finding breakthroughs in human health. We are excited to carry on that tradition in our work today.

We are honored to have the support of generous donors from across the community who believe in our vision.

Thank you for being a part of PNRI.

Best wishes,
John Wecker, PhD, President & CEO

View our annual report online.


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