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Lab Manager

Pacific Northwest Research Institute (PNRI) is seeking a Lab Manager for the Stubbs lab to provide guidance, leadership and training to laboratory staff on routine matters. Responsible for taking the necessary steps to ensure that all laboratory functions are run efficiently.

The ideal candidate should be able to work independently and design and carry out scientific techniques, procedures and research related to research goals of the principal scientist; these include chromatin analysis from cells and brain tissue, RNA analysis, protein analysis, preparation and QC of DNA sequencing libraries, and other molecular and genomics techniques.  Will be responsible for maintenance of equipment, oversight of lab purchasing and supplies, training, oversight of lab safety direct involvement in data generation including overall quality control, system monitoring and data management.


  • Bachelor’s degree in the molecular genetics, genomics, or equivalent experience and/or education.
  • Three or more years of experience as a Laboratory Manager or equivalent position
  • Expertise in molecular biology and familiarity with the experimental and analytical methods of genomics
  • Candidates with expertise in chromatin biology and gene regulation will be strongly preferred
  • Some familiarity with principles of neuroscience and/or neurogenetics is preferred
  • Excellent communications and record keeping skills are required

About PNRI:

PNRI is an independent, nonprofit research institute fueled by a mission to discover new solutions in the fight against disease. Our culture is designed for discovery, creativity, and collaboration. We are home to a multidisciplinary team of world-class scientists who are redefining genetic research.

How to Apply:

For immediate consideration, please submit a cover letter and resume (or curriculum vitae) to hr@pnri.org. No phone calls please.

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