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Science & Wine Club


Explore, learn, taste. Be part of the club.


What is PNRI’s Science & Wine Club?

A perfectly paired conversation series.

PNRI scientist + Washington winemaker + wine

And you are in the best seat to hear, to savor, and to ask questions.


Next Science & Wine Club meeting: 

Wednesday, July 28, 2021 @ 5-6pm PST **Note the date change**



Disease in Nature————————————


PNRI’s Michael Metzger, PhD, will talk about his research into a rare transmissible cancer affecting clams. In contrast to cancer in humans, this cancer is being passed from one clam to another like an infectious disease. Hear more about this unusual cancer, what the Metzger lab is discovering, and what it might mean for cancer in humans.


Jason Morin of Ancestry Cellars will share two wines with us (see below) and talk about phylloxera, a blight that nearly wiped out the vineyards of Europe and that has shaped the modern wine industry.

To drink along with us, order the Ancestry wine before July 22. A 15% discount is applied.



2018 Reunion Chardonnay:

This Chardonnay has a light and fruity nose of yellow apple and lemon. The barrel aging gives it a nice roundness and creamy finish balancing the higher acidity of this vintage.

2017 Provocant:

An approachable blend with an elegant nose of currant, cherry and just a trace of inviting smokiness. The palate bursts with bright cherry, cranberry, polished hints of clove and peppercorn.



At PNRI, we put our researchers at the center of everything we do, including our exploration of Washington wines. 

Explore, learn, taste. Be part of the club.

July’s club meeting is sponsored by long-time supporters:

Trysk Print Solutions

Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 5-6pm

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