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Science & Wine Club


Explore, learn, taste. Be part of the club.


What is PNRI’s Science & Wine Club?

A perfectly paired conversation series.

PNRI scientist + Washington winemaker + wine

And you are in the best seat to hear, to savor, and to ask questions.


Science & Wine Club: 

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 @ 5-6pm PST 

The event is free

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Yeast – it’s not just for baking and brewing. Scientists have long known that yeast genetics mirror human genetics in significant ways. In fact, this tiny organism contains the genetic secret to solving enormous human health issues. PNRI’s Dr. Aimee Dudley will share what yeast genetics teaches us about human cellular processes that go awry and cause disease. Join us for a look inside this intriguing aspect of genetics research and learn how it’s opening new horizons in the field of genetic engineering. Dr. Dudley, a passionate and approachable geneticist, will answer any questions.

Dr. Aimee Dudley is a genetics researcher internationally regarded for her expertise in yeast biology. Her commitment to collaboration and to developing and applying new technologies allows her to answer important biomedical questions.

Jason Long is a winemaker at Long Cellars, a boutique winery located in Woodinville, WA, that produces Bordeaux style wines from some of the most notable vineyards in Washington.

Want something delightful to enhance the communal experience? Jason Long has put together a special wine package for Science & Wine Club Members from Long Cellars at a 15% discount:

2018 Petit Verdot, Yakima Valley, 90 points from The Wine Advocate & The Wine Panel
2018 MIOLIN Premium Red Blend, Yakima Valley and Red Mountain, 92 points from The Wine Advocate

Total cost $73, not including shipping. Deadline for ordering: January 11

To order the wine package, send an email to Jason Long, jlong@longcellars.com  He will send you a quick email invoice and a link to a secure payment site.


At PNRI, we put our researchers at the center of everything we do, including our exploration of Washington wines. 

Explore, learn, taste. Be part of the club.

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