Patent Granted to Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute

Screening Newborns for Genetic Predisposition to Type 1 Diabetes



Seattle - July 2, 2012 --  Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute’s has received approval by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its application, Methods for Screening for Genetic Predisposition to Type 1 Diabetes.  

PNDRI’s screening method uses the HLA genetic locus for determining predisposition to type 1 diabetes. The method was invented by William Hagopian, M.D., Ph.D who hopes to have it included as part of the mandatory Public Health Newborn Screening.

“The method is efficient, accurate, and inexpensive,” said Dr. Hagopian. “Once it’s been determined that a newborn is at high risk, the child can be monitored and parents educated on warning signs of onset of diabetes. Beyond that, this method could eventually help focus efforts to protect children from ever developing the disease.”

“This is a major step forward in preventing type 1 diabetes,” said Dr. John Wecker, PNDRI’s President and CEO. “And it is another in a long list of significant medical advances to come out of this Institute since its founding in 1956.”