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Meet PNRI Scientist: Surabhi Maheshwari, PhD

Cancer Researcher

Working in biology and computer science is a perfect fit for Surabhi Maheshwari, PhD, a researcher at the Pacific Northwest Research Institute (PNRI). “I was always debating if I wanted to be a practicing doctor or something in the tech field,” she says. “Computational biology is the best of both worlds.”

Surabhi Maheshwari, PhD

Surabhi works in PNRI’s Galas Lab applying smart algorithms to big cancer datasets. “We are building models to diagnose cancer at an early stage,” she says, “because the sooner you find it, the more likely it is that you can cure it.”

Surabhi is grateful that advances in technology and data storage have allowed computer scientists like her to contribute to meaningful, visionary work. She sees the same advances leading to a revolution in medicine.

“Today, when we go to the doctor, they pull up the records of our family history,” Surabhi says. “But one day, they’ll pull up our genome and our markers and the doctor will prescribe medicines specifically for us.”

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