Research Programs

Research Programs

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PNRI was founded on the conviction that research is the key to improving human health.

Research at PNRI has historically lead to advances across a wide spectrum of human diseases. Today, the interests of the Institute’s investigators range from genetic and genomic studies on the cellular and metabolic processes that lead to cancer and neurological defects to foundational and clinical studies on pancreatic function and diabetes. In the age of big data, PNRI also invests in pioneering computational approaches to understand the complex biological networks that contribute to both human health and disease.

While each laboratory maintains an independent line of inquiry, PNRI is embarking on an exciting new coordinated research strategy that will engage our scientists in a “team” approach to unravel the complexity of human health. Institute investigators are applying their expertise in computational biology, genetics, and genomics to explore the molecular and systems mechanisms that protect individuals from illness despite the presence of known risk factors. Specifically, PNRI scientists are applying a systems genetics approach to understand how networks of genes function to tip the scales towards disease or health. The end goal of these studies is to identify gene targets for therapies against a wide variety of diseases.

PNRI’s intimate research setting will enable this team science effort to succeed. With active support from PNRI leadership, this bold approach creates expanded opportunities for funding, translation, and external collaboration.