Research Programs

Urban Innovation Center

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The Urban Innovation Center at PNRI provides key resources that support internal Institute researchers as well as external start-ups in their efforts to translate scientific discoveries from the lab into business successes in the market.

The Center promotes a mutually beneficial relationship that reinforces PNRI’s goals while providing innovative start-ups access to shared resources that would not otherwise be available. Research shows that entrepreneurs who participate in an incubator program have a higher success rate, on average, than those who do not.

Shared Resources

The Urban Innovation Center at PNRI provides start-up companies the following benefits:

  • Sophisticated lab equipment and technology (cost-prohibitive to most start-ups)
  • Key support staff, information technology and other administrative services
  • Like-minded scientific colleagues
  • Professional links to strategic biotech and life science organizations

Organizations We Support

PNRI has been supporting young biotechnology and life science organizations for decades. In its role as incubator, PNRI houses businesses as well as academic institutions:   

  1. Advanced Cellular Dynamics: the leading provider of cell-based kinase assays and related services
  2. Agile Discovery Partners: This start-up organization is currently focused on small molecule drug discovery
  3. Fenologica Biosciences: Develop instrumentation and cloud-based analytical tools to accelerate scientific discovery
  4. Impel NeuroPharma:  Developed a unique nasal device that allows the delivery of pharmaceuticals to the brain 
  5. PharmaIN:  This pharmaceutical R&D company provides advanced therapeutic and imaging drug delivery solutions
  6. Seattle University:  University faculty utilize PNRI lab space, offices and equipment to provide superb hands-on research experiences for students
  7. Theripion, Inc.: This small biotechnology company is developing novel rescue therapies for serious cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. 
  8. Virtici: develops safe and effective therapeutic products to help those struggling with debilitating and life-ending diseases.

Recent Tenants

  1. Fabion Pharmaceuticals, Inc
  2. Good Therapeutics
  3. Glycostasis, Inc (acquired by Eli Lilly)
  4. Pacific Biometrics, Inc
  5. Plant Health Care
  6. Pluri Biosciences
  7. Stella Therapeutics, LLC
  8. Universal Cells

To learn more about the Urban Innovation Center at PNRI, please contact us.