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Meet PNRI Scientist: Amy Sirr

Yeast Genetics Researcher

PNRI scientist Amy Sirr is passionate about yeast’s role in genetic research – and there is an actual scientific term to go with it. “The Awesome Power of Yeast Genetics” is featured in research papers and studies across the globe.

Amy Sirr

“Yeast is ‘awesome’ for many reasons, including the relative ease of deleting and inserting DNA in a targeted manner. Researchers have developed so many tools for working with it. Many questions that are difficult to tackle in other organisms can be easily addressed in yeast,” says Amy.

For more than five years Amy has been a part of PNRI’s Dudley Lab, a team of scientists using yeast as a tool to understand human disease from many angles.

Amy is currently using yeast to study genes that cause inborn errors of metabolism – a group of genetic diseases that can be fatal to newborns. Amy and fellow researchers in the Dudley Lab are working to identify which babies may be at risk for metabolic disorders so doctors can provide lifesaving interventions early in a child’s development.

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