Support the Institute

Support the Institute

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With your gift, you make an investment in leading-edge research that improves life and health--now and for generations to come.

Through annual gifts to PNRI, our scientists are able to continue to make significant advances through progressive research.

We stand at the threshold of a pivotal time in research, one that has the potential to transform the way we prevent diseases like diabetes. PNRI is dedicated to this promise, but we cannot do it alone. Your support will propel us forward as we strive to create a healthier, more hopeful future. We invite you to be our partner in this great endeavor.

Gifts of all sizes are important to PNRI.  Your generous gift will go toward supporting any and all of the following programs at PNRI:

Ignition Fund:

This fund provides vital resources at the initial stages of their projects that have translational potential, projects that are otherwise almost impossible to fund through traditional channels.

Opportunity Fund: 

This fund supports projects determined to be of high strategic interest to PNRI. We endeavor to partner, sustain, and accelerate the existing gains through strategic contributions in areas with high potential for impact and strong value for money.

PNRI Fund: 

This is a crucial way for friends to support enhancements at PNRI’s laboratories and facilities.  Funds are used for a wide variety of purposes related to the scientist’s programs, including scientific research, professional travel programs, publications expenses, and staff support. 

Research & Discovery:

The Pacific Northwest Research Institute is dedicated to conduct innovative research that aims to unravel the secrets of diabetes and related diseases. 

  • Advancing innovative research ideas
  • Developing promising research programs into measurable health impacts
  • Maximizing the potential of our research by partnering and collaborating at an international and institutional level