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The McLaughlin Lab Prioritizes Curiosity, Putting Basic Science First

“The kind of science that I like to do is to find a question that’s really motivating, that’s fundamental, that’s fascinating, and chase that question.” 

– Rick McLaughlin, PhD

Watch the video from Dr. McLaughlin, the third installment of PNRI’s Science Perspectives video series.

PNRI scientists ask questions, pursue their curiosity, and practice basic, fundamental science. Rick McLaughlin, PhD and his lab are committed to asking, and chasing, the questions needed to find new solutions to human health.

“There’s this connection between that basic science we’re thinking about, and how we can imagine right? That imagined word is an important word. How we can imagine these things contributing to very, very important and driving human health problems?”

Today’s discoveries are tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

Basic Science Needs Your Support

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“Your gift helps make today’s potential tomorrow’s healthier reality. Research is the key.”

William Hutchinson, MD
PNRI Founder

“If our society continues to support basic research on how living organisms function, it is likely that my great grandchildren will be spared the agony of losing family members to most types of cancer.”

Paul Boyer, Nobel Prize winner

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”

Albert Einstein

“I believe in innovations and that the way you get innovation is you fund research and you learn the basic facts.”

Bill Gates

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